Truth in the Time of the Signs

The Future: Summary

The Bible hasn’t stopped telling us about the future. It has many things to say about what is going to happen soon and sets out a clear sequence of events, and that there is a time limit.

Even if up to now you have questioned or doubted the Bible, surely based on the evidence of the Signs we are witnessing today, set out thousands of years before they occurred in such detail and so accurately foretelling technological advances, changes in human behaviour, globalisation, environmental changes, natural disasters, global economics, wars and religious and political alliances, the Bible cannot and should not be ignored or discarded.

Jesus Himself said;

‘…at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves.’ – John 14: 11, and…. 

‘Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that it is near, right at the door.’ – Mark 13: 29.

So, what of the future?

The summary, below the following list, briefly sets out the sequence of events, from the end of 2018, or for more detail for each section click on the relevant item in the list;

  1. From Now to The Rapture.
  2. Russian led invasion of Israel*.
  3. The City of Babylon to be Rebuilt*.
  4. The Rapture.
  5. The Rapture to the start of The Tribulation.
  6. First 3 ½ years of The Tribulation.
  7. Middle of The Tribulation.
  8. Second 3 ½ years of The Tribulation.
  9. The Seventy-five day Interval.
  10. Jesus’ Millennial Reign.
  11. End of Jesus’ Millennial Reign.
  12. The Eternal Kingdom.

*– indicates timing not certain.


The future, as at the end of 2018, is set out in the foregoing sequence of events, summarised as follows:

From Now to the Rapture – this period of time is not known, it could be a minute it could be a number of days or years however, it is getting increasingly short because the number of Signs fulfilled has rapidly increased over the very recent past and we can now see and understand how many subsequent events can and will take place.

*Russian led invasion of Israel (The War of Gog and Magog) – Russia, along with Turkey, Iran and other allies will invade part of Israel through Syria but will be supernaturally defeated on the mountains and Israel will recover enough arms and equipment to last them 7 years.  The timing of this invasion is not definitively set out in the Bible but could take place between now and The Rapture, or even after The Rapture, but at least 3 ½ years before the start of The Tribulation.

*The City of Babylon to be rebuilt – the timing is not given, however its total destruction, desolation and its subsequently remaining uninhabited forever, has not historically happened so it must be rebuilt for these things to take place.  This was partially achieved by Saddam Hussain in the 1980’s and 1990’s and significant ongoing preservation is underway.

The Rapture – a one-off event whereby all the Christians will be instantaneously removed from the Earth.  There is no warning of this event and it is not possible to know when it will take place.

The Rapture to the start of the Tribulation – this is the only other period of time that is not known, however, again, time is getting increasingly short as the more of the Signs we see taking place beforehand the less time it will take for events such as the Worldwide Government, divided into 10 areas, to be established and for one particular man to rise to wield enough political power to broker a peace treaty between Israel and the rest of the world.

First 3 ½ years of the Tribulation – The Tribulation is a period of 7 years, split in to 3 parts, first half, middle and second half and starts with the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and the rest of the World.  It is going to be 7 years of hell on earth as God pours out His anger and judgement on mankind for rejecting Him and for the greed, corruption and pollution humans have inflicted on the Earth and its inhabitants, pictorially illustrated below and described in the Book of Revelation chapters 6 – 9 & 17 (part).

Middle of the Tribulation – there will be a period when God’s judgement on the world is temporarily suspended, however numerous events occur in the middle of The Tribulation and continue into the second 3 ½ years, as described in the Book of Revelation chapters 10 – 14 & 17 (part).

Second 3 ½ years of the Tribulation – the Book of Revelation chapters 15 & 16 describe the events of this period, which will include some of the events from the middle of The Tribulation. This period will include God’s last seven judgements on humanity, the Campaign of Armageddon and Jesus’ return to Earth to rescue the Jewish nation from the armies of the Antichrist and establish His Millennial reign on Earth.

The Campaign of Armageddon – this is part of the end of The Tribulation as Antichrist makes one final attempt to eradicate the Jews from existence.

The Seventy-five day Interval – there is short period of seventy-five days from Jesus’ return to Earth to the start of His 1,000 year reign from Jerusalem and a number of events occur;

Jesus’ Millennial Reign – Jesus will reign over the whole world from Jerusalem for 1,000 years, during which Creation will return to its Edenic state and there will be true global peace.

End of Jesus’ Millennial Reign – even after 1,000 wonderful years man will again be deceived by Satan and there will be one final attempt to wrest supremacy from Jesus, as the world will one last time attack Israel and will again be defeated, see the Book of Revelation chapter 20 verses 7 – 10.

The Eternal Kingdom – following the final defeat of Satan, everyone who died before Jesus’ death and resurrection who did not believe in God along with everyone who died after and did not accept Jesus as their Saviour will be resurrected and cast in to the Lake of Fire for eternity, see the Book of Revelation chapter 20 verses 11 – 15.  Those who believed in God before Jesus and those who accept Jesus as their Saviour during their life will enter God’s Eternal Kingdom.

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